Ski Hut Availability

The calendar below indicates the approximate opening and closing dates of the San Juan Hut Systems 2012-2013 ski season. The number on a date (4 / Blue Lakes for example) indicates the number of skiers reserved for that date at that particular hut. A number less than eight (8) indicates space in the hut is still available for that particular hut.  If the hut is not listed on a particular date, it has yet to be reserved and remains available for up to eight (8) skiers.  Full capacity is eight (8) skiers.  Groups can depart on any day of the week.  The calendar is updated as reservations are made and therefore always current. Please review our Policies below for reserving a ski hut. All reservations are taken over the phone…not on-line or via email.

  • Full payment is due upon reservation.
  • We accept Visa or Mastercard.
  • No refunds due to weather or other complications.
  • Unless you reserve the entire hut, additional skiers may reserve space for up to a total of eight per hut.
  • SJHS reserves the right to refuse or cancel service.

Call 970-626-3033 to make your reservation.