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San Juan Hut Systems’ mission is to provide low impact, human powered, lightweight backcountry travel opportunities for the independent health conscious adventurer at a practical price. We have devoted over twenty years to creating and defining destination hut-to-hut skiing and mountain bike travel.

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The San Juan Hut System Hut-to-Hut backcountry Ski Route links Telluride to Ouray following the Sneffels Range below 14,000 foot alpine peaks. Huts may also be accessed individually. Backcountry ski trails follow scenic United States Forest Service roads and hiking trails surrounding the Mount Sneffels Wilderness Area. The route is designed for intermediate skier ability, while above each hut there is terrain for advanced/intermediate, expert and extreme powder skiing.

Check out this article written for the November 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic Magazine for an up-close and personal description of skiing the San Juan Hut System.

Route Miles Ascent Descent
Last Dollar 3.0 2,020’ 160’
North Pole 8.0-9.0 2,520’-1,880 500’
Blue Lakes 5.2 1,180’ 0’
Ridgway 6.5 1,980’ 450’
Burn 5.0 1,160’ 900’
LD to NP 9.5 500’ 1,520
NP to BL 7.2 1,500’ 1,020’
BL to RW 5.0 2,040’ 1,200’
RW to BN 5.0 900’ 1,160’
BN to Ouray 5.0 200’ 2,540

For an interactive 3D view of the hut terrain click on the ‘earth’ view above.