Why choose San Juan Hut Systems?

Congratulations! You have found the original. We pretty much invented hut to hut mountain biking in 1988. Other imitators have come and gone, ‘flashed in the pan’ so to speak, in their attempt to emulate us. Then there are the ‘sag-wagoneers’ sliding around behind us on routes we pioneered for mountain biking over two decades ago.

Do you like getting up when you want, getting on a bike when you want? If so, then sag-wagon trips are probably not for you. Cut the umbilical cord! Be your own independent man or woman.

At the end of a long day of driving, pounding rain or even snow, do you want to crawl into a wet, soggy tent and sleep on the rocks or do you want to share the camaraderie in a hut around a wood stove?

San Juan Hut System Huts are fully stocked with an amazing selection of fresh and shelf-stable food. The list to the right is only an example of the tasty treats awaiting you at the end of the day when you book one of our Mountain Bike Trips.

Life in a San Juan Hut System Hut Sag-Wagons and Tents

  • Comfortable 7 ½’ X 3’ X4” vinyl covered sleeping pad on a sturdy bunk.
  • Woodstove to dry out and get warm.
  • Plently of room to move around when it’s raining or snowing.
  • Hut lamps in the evening to plan the next day.
  • Black flies, no see-ums, mosquitoes stay outside where they belong.
  • Fully enclosed composting toilets.

  • 6’ X 2’ X 1” Thermarest pad on the ground.
  • When you are wet, you stay wet.
  • Can you even sit up in your tent?
  • Confinement to your tent with a headlamp.
  • Chances are you’re taking bugs to bed with you in your tent.
  • Squatting over a ‘rocket box’ or ‘honey bucket’ while fighting off black flies, no see-ums and mosquitoes.