Telluride to Moab

The San Juan Hut System Telluride to Moab route consists of a 7 day / 6 night bike ride, traversing from Telluride, through the Alpine Peaks of the San Juan’s, to Moab’s Canyon Country and Desert Slickrock. The 5 day / 4 night ride follows the same route, but ends in Gateway rather than continuing into Canyon Country. In 2014 substantial new singletrack will be available.

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Telluride to Moab Mountain Bike MapThe San Juan Hut System’s Telluride to Moab Bike Route follows 215-miles of secondary dirt roads from Telluride, across the high alpine tundra of the San Juan Mountains to the desert slickrock and canyon country of Moab, Utah. This route is designed for intermediate to advanced riders in good physical condition and offers alternate-Single Track routes between various huts to extend your trip and offer more challenges. Substantial new single track options will be added  for the summer 2014!

Telluride to Moab – Departure Dates: June 1-October 1
Departure Dates: June 1-October 1

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Route (Telluride to Moab) Miles Ascent Descent
Day 1 Telluride to Last Dollar 14.9 2,800′ 550′ 8,750′ to 11,000′
Day 2 Last Dollar to Spring Creek 26.3 1,600′ 3,500′ 11,000 to 9,100′
Day 3 Spring Creek to Columbine 34.3 1,800′ 1,800′ 9,100′ to 9,100′
Day 4 Columbine to Graham Ranch 37.2 1,600′ 2,200′ 9,100′ to 8,500′
Day 5 Graham Ranch to Gateway 32.5 2,100′ 5,900′ 8,500′ to 4,700′
Day 6 Gateway to La Sal Hut 22.5 4,000′ 900′ 4,700′ to 8,200′
Day 7 La Sal Hut to Moab 38.4 2,000′ 6,200′ 8,200′ to 4,000′
Total 215 16,300′ 21,050′

This is an excellent video which showcases San Juan Hut Systems Telluride to Moab Bike Route.