San Juan Huts 200 Mountain Bike Race

How can you make the 7-day mountain bike tour from Durango, CO to Moab, UT even more epic? By racing it straight through in 48 hours or less in the San Juan Huts 200 Epic Race!

- Not quite up for this grueling of an event? Try the San Juan Huts 200 7-day Stage Race which also allows you time to enjoy the awesome views and check out some of the routes best single track options.

SJH200_Poster-webWhen: Epic is July 3rd-4th 2013,
Stage Race is June 28 – July 4th 2013

Start: Durango, CO (Durango Mountain Resort)

Finish: Moab, UT (Finish line TBA)

Event: Choose from 2 events ~

San Juan Huts Epic Race:
214 miles and 25,000+ feet of climbing through rugged mountains and deserts, this race is burly! With 6 huts between you and the finish, you’ll have food and water at the huts while you carry everything else. First one to Moab following the GPS given route wins! Expected winning time will be close to 24 hours.

San Juan Huts 7-day Stage Race: 7 Days of Epic Riding with a Race Segment each day to challenge you. You’ll be able to race and still see the best sights. We carry your gear to keep you light!

“Colorado’s Durango to Moab Hut-to-Hut route is an epic tour with nothing short of epic views.  Comprised of mostly back country forest service roads with plenty of single track options, the route will challenge all levels of riders while still being supremely enjoyable for anyone with a high level of fitness.  When riding it as a family on vacation, we took lots of memorable video and had an experience none of us will forget.  Hearing our son say at the end of almost every day “this is the best ride of my life” will certainly stick with us. You’ll start out with lots of climbing, but you will travel shorter distances on those days, then roll through high plateaus and passes while making your way to the next camp site.  Having your meals prepared and gear transported (for the Stage Racers) really lightens your pack—mostly rain gear, hydration and nutrition for the day.  There just can’t be a better way to ride through the Rockies.”

Kathy Hudson, Race Coordinator