Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions are addressed in The Bikers Bible. The Bikers Bible is intended to be a tool for the rider. It will answer your initial questions like “How do I get back to the trailhead, my car, or the airport”, “What do I need to bring” or “What will I find in the huts”? The Bikers Bible contains valuable information for your ride while on route and at the hut. For those deciding if you have what it takes to do one of our routes, use the Table of Contents to guide you to information pertaining to your questions. For those who have reserved a departure date… download The Bikers Bible and pack it as an essential item for a successful bike hut trip. Some of the questions you can find answers to in The Bikers Bible are:

What are the huts like and what about food and water?

Our one room wooden huts are equipped with bunk beds and pads, sleeping bags, propane powered lights and cook stoves, cookware, food and water. There is no plumbing or bathing facilities, though streams and ponds are found along The Route for washing up. Composting toilets are located at each hut. The food supply is replenished every 16 to 24 riders so you’ll never need to worry about running out of food. Drinking water is stored in 5 gallon containers and each person is asked to limit total consumption to 2 gallons per day.

Will my cell phone work at the huts or along The Route?

There is no guaranteed cellular service along the routes. Gateway Hut on the Telluride to Moab Route is located near the Gateway Canyon Resort, newly built, and telephone service is available there. On the Durango to Moab Route at the Paradox Hut, located near the Paradox Bed & Breakfast, you may find telephone service at the Bedrock store or the B&B. The huts do not have electricity so no charging of iPods, cell phones, laptops, or GPS units.

Are Support Vehicles available?

No vehicular assistance is provided or allowed on either of The Routes due to the nature of our USFS/BLM/Private Ranch Special Use Permits. San Juan Hut Systems is not responsible for difficulties due to weather or natural conditions, equipment failures or medical emergencies and any associated rescues. This being said, San Juan Hut Systems will do everything in our power to help with any emergency situation, and we’re quite often available to help out in non-emergency situations as well.

How do I get to my hotel or the trailhead and how to I return from Moab?

Individual situations require different approaches for individual/group transportation needs. There are shuttle services listed in our Travel Resources that can get you from Montrose or Durango Airports to the trailhead and bring you back to the airports. Those shuttle services located in Moab can also shuttle your car from the trailhead back to Moab so that it is waiting for your arrival. Please refer to The Bikers Bible for more detailed information pertaining to your individual transportation needs.

Do I bring my bike or rent one?

We recommend that you bring your own bike. You know your bike better than anybody and chances are you will be fixing something on it, somewhere on trail. If you choose to rent a bike, we list some on our Travel Resources page that are familiar with The Routes and the conditions you will experience while on route. Riders ship their bikes using High Country Shipping or through FedEx or they bring their bikes with them on their flights. If renting a bike, know that you will need to ship the bike back to the bike shop you rented from, making arrangements with them. Moab has limited shipping options on the weekend and most hotels are willing to ship out your bike for you if it is already packaged, labeled and billing arrangements have been made.

What equipment will I need?

Please refer to The Bikers Bible for clothing, bike repair & equipment, and tool/gear lists.

What if I, or a member of the group, have to cancel the ride?

San Juan Hut Systems will issue a credit good for two years for the amount a rider has paid towards a ride on one of The Routes. San Juan Hut Systems does not offer refunds.

Again, please visit our LINKS page to find listings of bike shops, shuttle services, lodging, shipping, or guide services. And always feel free to contact us via email or by phone with any questions you have pertaining to our services.

Can you recommend any places to stay overnight in Telluride, Durango, or Moab prior to and after our trip?

Recommended lodging in the area of our Bike Routes are listed in Travel Resources

Where can I arrange for a shuttle?

Transportation resources are listed in Travel Resources

What are the local bike shops in case I need service or a rental bike?

Recommended Bike Stores are listed in Travel Resources