Durango to Moab

The San Juan Hut System Durango to Moab route consists of a 7 day / 6 night bike ride, traversing from Durango, through the Alpine Peaks of the San Juan’s, to Moab’s Canyon Country and Desert Slickrock. The newly added 5 day / 4 night package follows the same route but ends in Paradox rather than continuing into Canyon Country.

Durango to Moab Map - Hut to Hut Mountain BikingThis route follows 215-miles of secondary dirt roads from Durango, CO across the high alpine tundra of the San Juan Mountains to the desert slickrock and canyon country of Moab, UT. The route itself is more remote, rugged, and 25% more difficult than its sister route, the Telluride to Moab Route. It is designed for upper-intermediate riders in good physical condition. Alternate Single-Track Routes between various huts extend your trip and offer more challenges.

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Durango to Moab – Departure Dates: June 15-October 1

Weather permitting, the Durango to Moab Route opens on the 15th of June. Please be advised that the single track options the Durango to Moab Route is known for can be closed until near the 10th of July due to potential remaining snowpack.

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Route (Durango to Moab) Miles Hut Start Hut End
Day 1 Durango Mountain Resort to Bolam Pass Hut 18.3 8,793′ 11,411′
Day 2 Bolam Pass Hut to Black Mesa Hut 28.7 11,411′ 10,625′
Day 3 Black Mesa Hut to Dry Creek Basin 41.7 10,625′ 6,600′
Day 4 Dry Creek Basin to Wedding Bell Hut 30.3 6,600′ 6,580′
Day 5 Wedding Bell Hut to Paradox Hut 34.3 6,580′ 5,240′
Day 6 Paradox Hut to Geyser Pass Hut 26.3 5,240′ 9,864′
Day 7 Geyser Pass Hut to Moab 34.6 9,864′ 4,000′
Please note that the elevation gains/losses displayed here do not reflect the cumulative ascent/descent between the huts. Cumulative ascent for 7 day ride is estimated at 26,000′

Route Amenities & Highlights

Day 3 – Near the end of the day, in the town of Basin, is a very nice cafe operated by the Snyder family. Showers are available there as well.
Day 5 – Near the end of day you will encounter the historic 120 year old Bedrock Country Store, which offers ice cream and beer. Five miles from Bedrock is the Paradox Valley Bed & Breakfast, where you can obtain a southwest-style suite with kitchen, shower, swimming pool, satellite TV, and peaceful tranquility. Limited shuttle services as well as some bike parts are available here as well.