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Mtn Flyer Magazine Banner
Durango to Moab
by Matthew J. Nelson

“We had just covered the first 12 miles of a 215-mile mountain bike tour from Durango to Moab, Utah, as part of the San Juan Huts do-it-yourself adventure. Over the course of seven days, our plan was to ride through some of the most awe inspiring country accessible by mountain bike, and our tracks would rarely cross others’.” Read the full Mountain Flyer Article (3.4MB PDF)

Roam on the Range
by Bruce Kirkby
“As I float through thigh-deep powder, each turn effortless, my concerns are instantly forgotten. Time slows. A gentle river of snow surrounds me, flows with me, released with every turn. Rock walls float past. Then suddenly I am out, into the sun, and my turns open up.” “I feel drunk. Giddy. Then Kelly is beside us and together we launch downward again, through open glades, crisscrossing tracks, soaring faster and faster, until the ground finally flattens. Six hours later, with dusk descending, we clomp down a dirt road in hard plastic boots, skis over shoulders. Joe’s truck and the lights of Ridgway lie ahead.”

Tail Winds Magazine Banner
Hut to Hut Durango to Moab
by Matthew J. Nelson
“When I first heard about the Juan Huts many years ago, it sounded too good to be true. Ride hundreds of miles of incredible trails through breathtaking scenery for a week, and at the end of each day there is a hut waiting for you – fully stocked with food and sleeping accommodations.” Read the full Tail Winds article (715KB PDF)

Hut to Hut : A Mountain Bikepacking Adventure
by Matthew J. Nelson
“Eating at restaurants and staying in hotels? No way. The Durango to Moab route follows world class bike trails and remote, dirt roads far from the beaten path. The secret to this weeklong mountain bikepacking adventure without the weight is utilizing the San Juan Hut System.” Read the full Desert Leaf Article

National Geographic Adventure
200 Miles to Moab
by Gretchen Reynolds
“This is why Mountain Bikes were invented”

“Biking through the high southern Rockies, we’ve glimpsed cowboys, marmots, elk, and other exotica, and spent each night in a comfy, well-stocked hut.” Read the full National Geographic Review (8.6MB PDF) and our listing in the National Geographic Adventure Guide.

Outside Magazine Review

Epic Fat Tire Adventure

“With enough vertical feet and hundred-mile views to keep your blood pumping for a week… this 215 Mile route lets you and up to seven pals pedal from the San Juan’s 14,000-foot peaks and spruce-carpeted slopes down to the twisting canyons of Utah’s red-rock country.” Read the full Outside Magazine Review (1.7MB PDF)


Backpacker Magazine Review

The High Line
by Gretchen Reynolds
“Our most memorable evening spent on a cliff, 2000 feet above the Dolores River, and much farther, in spirit, from settled life.” Read the full Backpacker Review (1.6MB PDF)


Men's Journal Article

America’s Most Spectacular Ride (No Tour Guides)
by Paul Kvinta
“From Telluride’s snowcapped peaks to Moab’s desert canyon’s, the San Juan Hut System is as much fun as you can have on two wheels.”

“You won’t find any trailing vans loaded with spare rims and energy bars on the nation’s only point-to-point backcountry hut route for bikers, a seven-day odyssey through rugged national forest and BLM wilderness.” Read the full Men’s Journal Review (3.1MB PDF)

Boca Raton Magazine Article

Trail Blazers
by Emilie Karrick Surrusco
“Over the next seven days we would be challenged and humbled. And we would be rewarded with experiences we will never forget.” Read the full Boca Raton Magazine Review (2.5MB PDF)


Utah Outdoors Article

Telluride to Moab
by Brook Stevenson
“From the sweeping alpine meadows to steep desert canyons to remote mountain ranches, stark contrasts in biology and scenery are ever-present throughout the seven-day San Juan huts mountain bike adventure.”

“Logistically, the San Juan Huts System from Telluride to Moab is fairly simple: You bring yourself, your bike, your clothes and any bike repair items you may need, and the hut is stocked with the rest (food, water fuel, sleeping bags, mattresses, and toilets)”. Read the full Utah Outdoors Review (7MB PDF)

“The backcountry terrain from Durango to Moab juts mercilessly over mountain passes and across the expansive Uncompahgre Plateau. It is remote and untamed here, yet supremely beautiful.”

Collegian Magazine Article

Beers, Steers, and Granny Gears
by Christian Timmerman and Tim Corman
“Obviously, we did not go on this trip to lounge in huts; there was riding to be done. The constant bombardment of gorgeous panoramas beckoned us forward each day. The shear diversity of terrain was outstanding.”

Read the full Collegian Travel Review (1.5MB PDF)