Gear Advice: Backcountry Goods for Springtime Temps

Date posted: 2011/03/22

Here are some things you may want to bring next time you head out on a spring tour.

1) Swix F-4 Past. This product is great to prevent warm wet snow from building up on the bottom of you skis and can turn a slow decent into a fast fun one. F-4 can also be used on skins if they become saturated. We recommend the variety that comes in a can and to bring a bandanna or small sponge as the applicators that come with them quickly wear out.

2) Skin Wax. We recommend applying skin wax before your skins get saturated by warm wet snow.  If it is too late for that, try drying your skins a little  in the sun while you take a lunch break and then aply it.

3) Cotton bandanna. This can be quite helpful drying skis before you put your skins on as most of our material these days are synthetic or wool and do not dry ski bases efficiently.

4) Last but not least, sunhat, sunscreen, and dark sunglasses. One product we particularly like is Dermatone SPF that comes in a tin. It is great for lips, noses, or your whole face. Owner, Joe Ryan, has been using it for years and calls it “bear grease” and smears it on his whole face. He finds it helps prevent both wind and sunburn. Make sure you get the tin as the sticks don’t work nearly as well.


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