Ridgway Hut

The San Juan Hut Systems Ridgway Hut sits at 10,200 foot in elevation and is located under the North Slopes of Reconnoiter Peak (12,980′) This hut sits in the midst of a spruce forest, but don’t let its forested seclusion deceive you – a wealth of high, rugged peaks lie directly above the hut. This hut is frequently used in conjunction with the  Blue Lakes and Burn huts for multi-day adventures.

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The Ridgway Hut accommodates eight people via padded bunk style-beds.  Amenities include a propane stove, propane lamp, wood stove, firewood, cookware, and utensils. Bunk beds include 4 inch vinyl covered sleeping pads.

During the summer months water is available from a nearby spring. Hut users are responsible for treating water with Iodine, Pump/Filter, or UV Scanner.

The Ridgway Hut is available for  use year round.  It costs $30/person/night (maximum of 8 people).  View our summer availability calendar and call 970-626-3033 to make a reservation.

Summer Access:
The trail head is located about 9 miles up CR5 southwest of Ridgway and the hike in is 3.5 miles west on the Dallas Trail through forests and crossing two streams.

Route Miles Ascent Descent
Summer Trailhead to Ridgway Hut 3.5 1,980′ 450’
Blue Lakes Hut to Ridgway Hut 5.0 2,040′ 1,200’
Ridgway Hut to Burn Hut 5.0 900’ 1,160′

The  information provide on this page is intended to give our guests ideas on potential activities at The Ridgway Hut, but the possibilities are endless. We provide more detailed route descriptions only for the trails accessing the hut and and between huts upon booking. Please note, the times given here are estimates for the total time needed for the outing.

-Reconnoiter Peak (12,980′), 4-6 hours, Intermediate/Advanced. A short 1-hour hike leads to the ridge directly south and above the hut. This ridge leads to commanding views of the north faces of Mount Sneffels, Cirque Mountain, and Tea Kettle. The ridge continues to a relatively easy walk up of Reconnoiter Peak from the south.

-Accessing the Burn Hut, 3-5 hours, Intermediate. This tour traverses eastward along the Sneffles Range for 5.7 miles through meadows and forests.

-Access the Blue Lakes Hut, 4-6 hours, Intermediate. A 5.5mile short hike up to the top of Wilson Creek Summit/Pass leads you to a long swithcback descent to the creek bottom. From here it is a gentle descent to The Blue Lakes Hut.

-Ridgway Peak(13468′), 6-9 hours, Advanced. After summiting Reconnoiter Peak described above, continue eastward along the ridge that connects to Ridgway Peak. After summiting Ridgway Peak, it is even possible to continue on to White House Peak.

-White House Peak (13,492′), 7-10 hours, Advanced. Follow the ridge-line directly south and above the hut summiting first Reconnoiter, then Ridgway, and finally White House. This is a long day but quite doable for strong parties.

The Ridgway Hut is accessed by bike either from the Blue Lakes Hut and/or Trail Head, the Burn Hut, the town of Ridgway, or the town of Ouray. All these options travel primarily on the Dallas Trail.

-Access the Blue Lakes Hut or Trail Head, 3-5 hours, Advanced/Intermediate. Follow the Dallas Trail up to Wilson Creek Pass/Summit and then descend the, at times tight and winding trail, down to the Blue Lakes Trail Head or Hut.

-Access the Burn Hut, 2-3 hours, Intermediate. Travel primarily downhill east on the Dallas Trail to 4×4 roads that lead to the Burn Hut.

-Ridgway Hut to Ouray, 4-7 hours, Intermediate/Advanced. These are excellent single-track trails with phenomenal views of the Sneffels Range and the Cimmarons. The single-track leads down into the town of Ridgway where riders have the option of ending up at the hot springs, the pub, or their vehicle. Starting at Blue Lakes and ending in Ouray, with or without a stop at the Burn Hut, is one of our favorite Advanced rides.