Burn Hut

The San Juan Hut Systems Burn Hut sits at an elevation of 9,940 feet, on a slope gladed by an old forest fire with stunning views of the Sneffles range. The Burn Hut is the farthest east of all our Ski/Destination Huts and closest to the town of Ouray. It is frequently used in conjunction with the Ridgway Hut for multi-day adventures.

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The Burn Hut accommodates eight people via padded bunk style-beds.  Amenities include a propane stove, propane lamp, wood stove, firewood, cookware, and utensils. Bunk beds include 4 inch vinyl covered sleeping pads.

During the summer months water is provided in five gallon jugs for guests arriving by self-powered means (biking, hiking, etc). If guests drive to the hut on the 4×4 road, we appreciate it if they carry their own water in. Upon request guests can also pick up five gallon jugs at the San Juan Huts Systems office in Ridway prior to their stay.

Route Miles Ascent Descent
Winter Trailhead to Burn Hut  5.0 1,160’ 900’
Ridgway Hut to Burn Hut  5.0 900’ 1,160’
Burn Hut to Ouray  5.0 200’ 2,540

The Burn Hut is available for summer use from May 1st through November 30th. Cost is $30/person/night (maximum of 8 people).  View our summer availability calendar and call 970-626-3033 to make a reservation.

A short 5-mile drive on CR5 out of Ridgway takes you a 5.7-mile 4×4 road, with awesome views of the entire Sneffels Range, that leads you to within 200 feet of the the Burn Hut. Beware, the later part of this road is a real 4×4 road and should not be driven when wet. There are various points to park along the way and a short hike to the Burn Hut is very enjoyable.

The information provide on this page is intended to give our guests ideas on potential activities at The Burn Hut, but the possibilities are endless. We provide more detailed route descriptions only for the trails accessing the hut and and between huts upon booking. Please note, the times given here are estimates for the total time needed for the outing.

– Hiking around the Burn Hut is enjoyable for people of all abilities, this is due not only to the variety of the terrain, but to the views of both the Cimmaron and the Sneffels ranges as well as the La Sals out in Utah.

– Access the Ridgway Hut, 2-3 hours, Intermediate. Travel on 4×4 roads to the Dallas Trail that leads to the Ridgway Hut.

 - Ouray, 2.5-4 hours, Moderate. Hike east on the Dallas Trail descending through aspen groves, meadows, and along sandstone cliffs down into the mountain town of Ouray where natural hot springs, pubs, and ice cream all await.

– East End Loop, 2 days/5-6 hours, Intermediate. This is hands down our favorite weekend ride! Although this loop can be done in one push, we find it far more enjoyable to make a weekend out of it. You start your climb right from the town of Ridgway and are primarily on single lane dirt and 4×4 roads up to the Burn Hut passing through parks and aspen groves with views of the entire Sneffels Range. The next days ride is all on the east end of the Dallas Trail and downhill to the town of Ouray where natural hot springs, pubs and ice cream await. You can either leave a vehicle here or ride the 20 minutes on dirt road back to Ridgway. Basing out of a B&B in Ridgway or Ouray makes this a real weekend treat. There is additional single track around Ridgway if you want to get a few more miles in on either end of your trip.