Backcountry Hiking Huts

Come to the San Juan Mountains, the Trail Hiking mecca of Colorado with 360 Degrees of Hiking!

San Juan Hut Systems has expanded on our mission is to provide low impact, human powered, lightweight backcountry travel opportunities for the independent health conscious adventurer at a practical price. We have devoted over twenty years to creating and defining destination hut-to-hut skiing and mountain bike travel. To enable year-round backcountry access, San Juan Hut Systems makes a selection of our huts available for destination hiking.


Many activities can be pursued in the areas of these huts or as using them as ‘base camps’. Use the huts as a location for Family Reunions and Get Togethers – get out of town and go for a hike, a climb, a run, a ride or a paddle. Or dig this…use the huts for Triathlon Training!
One way to use the huts would be in lines of succession similar to the two Mountain Bike routes. There are also other creative ways that allow for loops or for extended stays based out of a single hut. We look forward to working with you to help work out some of the details that you have planned for your trip. We can also suggest various ways to utilize these huts and enjoy the mountains and canyons that surround them. A variety of possibilities await your creation.

View the hut terrain in a 3D view . Click on the ‘earth’ view in the map below.

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